Jumat, 25 April 2008

Hang Nadim, Bikini BATAM...

.Hang Nadim, BATAM Airport.

Yaaa ampuun?! Kirain bakalan ON TIME, taunya teteup DELAY juga.. Halah makin lama makin gag jelas aja guw... Mantap abesch dahh.. Mayan.. Karena kelas XIII UN, kelas X lebuur seminguu, UHUY! Kebanyakan ngedumel nih.. Cerita dluw ahh...

.Minggu tanggal 20 April di Pagi buta berangkatlah guw , papa , kakak dan supir guw menghajar kerasnya medan yg harus ditempuh. Edan lah!! ntar guw lanjut BOARDING!!


. Sambungan Episode lama!!

.Setelah sampe di Hotel Savoy Homann Bandung di Pagi Buta. Guw, Papah, dan Kakak gue 'TEPAR' seketika di Kasur Hotel yg SUPER PEWE!! ALHASIL, setelah bangkit dari MATI SURI ditemani Bidadari Khayangan, Bidadarinya MORNING CALL DEH! setelah semua pada GOSOK JIGONG, kita keluar kamar kamar mengambil KUNCI KAMAR DIGITAL, menutup pintu dan melangkahkan kaki dengan keadaan SETENGAH SILUMAN Eh salah, SETENGAH SIUMAN dikarenakan masih membutuhkan Perpanjangan Waktu soalnya lagi MENGUMPULKAN NYAWA!!
. Yakk, tebakkan anda semua tepat sekali!! Selamat anda mendapatkan sebuah piring cantik dengan angsuran 3 juta rupiah selama setahun?? apaan siih Den? Lo udah GARING, GAG LUCU, Biar dikata apa sih Den? Denny menjawab: "BIAR DIKATA GANTENG!!" Ampun, maafin Kepribadian GARING guw yah!! Kata dia: " WOI GUW BOSEN DIKURUNG GINI!!" emanganya guw NAPI! Intinya, setelah guw Turun dari Lift buat BREAKFAST, guw makan semuanya! CHEFNYA CIHUY! JAGO MASAKNYA! ada Omellette, Nasi Goring Special Mantabs, dan MENU PENGGEMUKAN LAINNYA!! SOALNYA GUW MAU IKUT LOMBA BAYI SEHAT!! PANTAT GUW AJA UDAH SEXY!!
. Setelah selesai BREAKFAST, mandi, dan Packing pergi!! tadinya mau keliling KOTA KEMBANG!! tapi secara mendadak, tiba-tiba, tidak direncana, tidak diduga-duga, dan tidak terpikirkan ada Seorang Sahabat Lama yg bernama Andro mengajak main ke DUFAN ketemuan jam 10 siang. Begini bunyinya: *D= Denny *A= ANDRO
*A:" Dennnn!! Lo dimana? Hari ini mau kemana?"
*D:" Guw lagi di Hotel Savoy Homann Bandung NDRO.. emangnya ada apa?"
*A:" Guw lagi ada acara sama teman-teman sekelas guw... Trus ada satu orang yg gag bs hadir
hari ini.. Lo bs dtg ketemuan di DUFAN jam 10 siang di Pintu Gerbang Masuk gag? Lo cuman bayar parkir sama KEMEK*!! TICKET maen dibayarin...


Minggu, 06 April 2008

9 Hidden Keys to Happiness and Success

9 Hidden Keys to Happiness and Success
by: CNG 2k8

We all love to feel motivated. I know I do. It’s absolute nirvana to be on purpose and on task at the same time. But life often intervenes in my plans and that can mean stress, frustration and setbacks and I find that I have to live my life on Inner Motivation – particularly when the proverbial chips are down. Most of us wait for someone else to give us a reason to move ahead or we wait for circumstance or opportunity to line up in just the right way so we can move ahead with the inner commitment we’ve been holding back. We wait for our partner to say ‘I love you’ first, we wait for a sign of acceptance before we commit to revealing some part of ourselves and we wait for the evidence of the result before we commit our belief.

To many of us this seems like a smart or even shrewd way of going about business and life. We think we’re protecting and insulating ourselves by not putting too much ‘out there’ and therefore avoiding disappointment or (God forbid) rejection. In reality, though, this is actually a very dangerous way to live life because it puts your life and your happiness in someone else’s hands - a sure fire equation for misery. From the inside this may seem like a very controlled way to live life, but it’s actually a very out of control way to live life. That’s why it makes us so unhappy and leaves us so unfulfilled. There’s nothing dependable or controlled about it.

One of my favorite movie scenes is from the Indiana Jones movie where he (played by Harrison Ford) and his father (played by Sean Connery) are searching for the Holy Grail. Indiana’s father lies dying at the hands of the Nazis and to save his life Indiana must find the Holy Grail. To get to the Grail, Indiana has to accurately decode his father’s Grail diary which will enable him to make his way through certain life-threatening challenges. After successfully making his way through several of the tests, he comes to a huge chasm that lies between where he is and where he wants to be. He reads the Bible passage from his father’s diary which has to do with “faith being the evidence of things not seen”. He picks up a handful of sand and throws it out to the chasm only to see the sand fall on an invisible bridge.

I personally believe there lies a bridge across every chasm we face, no matter the depth or the breadth of the canyon. The path to whatever we want in life always exists and we can find it if we have the unwavering commitment and willingness to learn and grow in the ways required of us.

“Courage is the price that life extracts for peace of mind.”
Amelia Earhardt

When the relationship or the job or the project doesn’t go the way you wanted it to, you need to have Authentic Inner Motivation to get you to where you want to be. You can’t force yourself to be motivated. You have to develop it from the inside out. Having Authentic Inner Motivation at your disposal whenever you want it requires focus, commitment and discipline.

How do you do develop Authentic Inner Motivation? Let’s take a look at the formula:

1. Set Goals - First, decide what you want. Take your sales, income and personal goals, and be crystal clear about them. Write them down and look at them several times throughout the day. A vague goal of doing the best you can or giving your best every day won’t get you there. You have to clearly see what you want – and often.

I have a Vision Folder. Inside it I have photographs, pages from magazines and mock-ups that reflect my goals. It’s an easy and portable way to keep my goals in front me, and I look at them every morning and evening.

2. Commitment – Nothing happens without complete and total personal commitment. If you’re leaving out even 1% of your total dedication to accomplishing your goal, you won’t get there. Think about this…what would happen if your doctor had a 99% commitment to healing you or your loved one? Would that be enough for you? Would you have respect for them?

If you want to sleep well at night, if you want to be respected by those you’re in relationship with and if you want to have overwhelming self-respect – commit 155% of yourself to your goals and watch your life change for the better.

3. Self-Honesty – This is a tough one for some folks. Not everyone is comfortable taking a hard look within. But if you’re serious about being successful you need to look within to see what you’re doing to create your own experience. You also need to be honest about what skills you need to learn to get you to where you want to be. Also, take an honest internal inventory of your emotional health. If you’re carrying resentment from your last employment experience, your last relationship or any other experience, it’s limiting the success you create today.

Think about the people you’ve known that use resentment as insulation in their life – now notice how betrayal is a common theme in their life. There’s a reason for that. Call it the Law of Attraction, Karma, a self-fulfilling prophecy or the “as ye sow, so shall ye reap” principle, it means you are creating your own experiences. When you hold on to resentment, you are (subconsciously) believing that you don’t have a choice or any power in your current situation, that the other person is against you in some way and so this situation will turn negatively and there’s nothing you can do about it. Resentment always breeds betrayal in your life. Take an emotional inventory and heal and release the reasons for the negative emotions – particularly the resentment and watch the prosperity roll in!

4. Accountability – It doesn’t matter whether you listen to a minister, your favorite self-improvement author, your Mom or Dr. Phil, they will all tell you the same thing…your life is created from the inside out, so you might as well own it. Blame of any kind is a jail cell for your spirit.

5. Commit to Faith & Belief – Hebrews 11:1 says “Now faith is the evidence of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” - the faith and the belief has to come first – the evidence comes after. There was a book written several years ago under the title You’ll See It When You Believe It. Great title. In the tarot deck, the first card is the card of the Fool which shows a picture of a young man ostensibly walking off of the edge of the cliff – it’s said to be the bravest, most powerful card in the entire deck.

6. Have an Attitude of Gratitude – The most powerful words you can ever use, think or write is THANK YOU. Just as resentment can shut down your prosperity and relationships, an attitude of gratitude will open the floodgates of prosperity and love in your life. (Remember to use these powerful words with yourself as well!) Every life experience is a gift and a perspective of appreciation makes the inherent wisdom of our experiences all that more evident to us.

7. Practice Tolerance – Judgment is another self-limiting behavior that limits your success and hampers your motivation and creativity. Judgment is a terrible burden to carry around and creates a paranoiac state of mind. Practice tolerance and lighten your load!

8. Get Inspired – Inspiration comes from different sources for different people, and it’s essential that we know what works for us and that we prime these sources often. I have a writer friend who has her most motivating songs on a separate section on her iPod. When she feels blocked or frustrated or discouraged, one of the things she does is listen to those songs one by one. Long before the end of the songs she’s belting out the words right along with her favorite artist and she’s ready to take another stab at her project at hand. I like to go for a walk or a run outside. With two small children in my life I may only get ½ hour to squeeze in a run or a walk but that time is so inspirational to me. It really stirs my creativity. Meditating is inspirational as is a good movie, a good book or talking with someone else whose success you admire.

9. Take Care of Your Health – If you don’t feel well, it’s hard to stay motivated. So take good care of your health! Eat well, take vitamins, exercise every day, play, rest and enjoy your work! There’s a saying…anyone would give their money to have health, but no one would give their health to have money. Right now I’m really into juicing. It’s an idea that came to me while I was sitting outside (of course) next to the koi pond at Children’s Hospital when my son was ill last summer. As often as my husband could he would join us and come turn cartwheels to distract and make our son laugh so I could get some food into him. When –pop- there was the idea – juicing. It’s worked beautifully. Our son began drinking his veggies and since they’re masked under pineapple or apple or strawberries, he loves every drop. The rest of our family has started juicing as a result and I’m amazed at how good it makes you feel and how much energy it gives you! A friend of ours picked up the Jack Lalanne juicer for us while we were still in the hospital and he has a neat video on his site at www.powerjuicer.com .

Authentic Inner Motivation isn’t just a skill that will help you earn the kind of money that you want or that will make you happier while you’re doing it, it’s a way of living that will help you to live a happier and more successful life.

Use the AIM Formula in your work and let yourself shine! You’ll be happier, more successful and more prosperous for doing it.