Jumat, 28 Maret 2008

Everyday is Hell!!

Look at this picture! and also this pict.!! I'll gonna make you damn sure know bout what is the picture means!
Sickman Laft_ma_pink207 Kekejaman
I think you're still remember how was your holiday... But for me it's just like a Hell torture!! DAMN it! Before the semester holiday, I already SICK. DAMN SICK! but, just like ussual. At the first time i didn't realized. First time I feel sick in on my ULUH HAti coz I don't what ULUH HATI in English. It's near from your stomach. First time I feel it just like Maag. But, it's totally wrong. Several times I check up the general doctor not the specialist one. She said it's just a fever, cold, and she only gave me regular medicine. And then I changed to another doctor. And she told me to checked my blood, because she worried if I had Dengue / Typhus / Hepatitis. After the result of my blood checked up. It informs me that I have Hepatitis / people ussualy called it "Liver". Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Before I went to the doctor. What I was do on my home is only sleeping. Several times I puked. Several Times I've got a G**D**N Headache!! Sh*T man!! My fever went up and high.. It's the dizziest time of my life. And then I went to the hospital.. I checked my blood on the Laboratory to check what kind of Hepatitis that I had. And then the nurse took me to the room. I'm not afraid of injection (Jarum suntik), but I'm really afraid of the Infus (don't know what Infus in English). Sh*t Man!! When they want to jack in that fuckin' idiot stuff, there's something weird. Just like miracle. It's unussual. Totally outrageous!! they want to jack in that stuff on my right hand, when the stuff want to jack in it's really tough tough. The nurse said don't be afraid, don't be intense, don't be nervous! because it's make your (urat nadi) gettin' smaller and makes difficult to jack in. The nurse said this too. You're not often doin' sports right? or you're lazy to works or doin' something? because you're (urat nadi) so small. And when they put that things it'really hard. they often change it's position to maked it in, but it won't work. after the hard work that thing jack in but the problem is, there's no blood comin' out. just like empty?! they changed to my left hand and it's success. The doctor is a piece of Horror. Damn!! he checked my conditions every mornin' but, almost never talked! can imagine that! he's so creepy!! oh yeah, back to the topic. My disease identified as Hepatitis A. So it can perfectly healed!! XD the hospital foods is just like damn idiot! the chef don't know what they doin' on the kitchen!! Damn it! When you have same disease just liked me! This is the description:

1.High temperature fever
2.Cold & flu
3.Really disturbin' HEADACHE
4.The dizziest time that you ever had
5.You often got puke!!
6. Your SORRY, FESES gettin' white!! Can you imagine it? real WHITE! Damn White! just like paper!! just like MILK!
7. Your URINE gettin' REAL TEA (warnanya bnr" prsis kayak teh, pekat abis. Sumpah bnr" sma kayak TEH) guw gag bhng!
8. The results from your blood checked indicated your disease based on it's results. Example for people who got Hepatitis A, on your results paper there's SGOT, SGPT, Bilirubin total, Bilirubin Direct, Bilirubin Indirect. If all the criteria is beyond the normal edge ( every labs will gives you info bout the normal edge on it's paper. Ussualy if the results beyond normal it's mark by a star). Akhirnya guw mutusin bwat cabut dr tuwh RS. Rawat jalan aja! Sorry but I'm really gettin' tired using English. If there's you not understand just ask me! Akhirnya guw ganti dokter. dokter guw jd ada dua stuw Prof. doctor specialist internist di RS Medistra Jakarta. Yang stuw lgi dktr umum di Bogor. guw msh rawat jln. doain guw smbh 100%. Guw udh mndkati nrml. dkt lagi! See YA!

Just wanted to post dunno why..

Don't believe what you SEE, don't believe what you HEAR, don't believe what you FEEL. The truth is hiding behind that lies. People usually do White lies to cover the truth, that's the wrong sector. You have to uncovered the truth even it so bad. Our beloved people usually a DREAM STEALER. Maybe they not meant to Steal it, but they only want the best for the sake of yourself. First think first I think it's quite wise to say that. Be clever to do, thinking before doing. The sky so dark, the same with my heart. The dark cloud covered up my heart because it contains hates, vicious, envious. The source is my F***N teacher!! DAMN he gave me nothin' on the ESSAY score!! He only gave me the score on Multiple choice, and the score is damn ugly! He even didn't say a word to explain what the hell is going on!! He just like to ask me to fight! Hate it DAMN MUCH! F**K THOSE LAME SATANICUS ZIONICUS NAZINICUS TEACHER! they only want your money.. may em' go to hell!! SEE YA ON THE DEPTHS OFF HELL!!